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The Basics

CryptoHeaven main window has the following components:

Folder Tree

The folder tree contains all of your folders. This includes:

Drafts used to store your saved email drafts
Inbox used for CryptoMail secure e-mail
Sent your sent email
Spam used to deposit suspected spam emails
Address Book contains all your address book records
My Local Computer represents files stored on your local PC
My Files used for CryptoVault secure data storage

Each new CryptoHeaven account has the above default folders. You can add, delete, rename and move folders. You can also share folders with your contacts.

Context Sensitive Folder View

The frame on the right side shows the content of the selected folder. The view type depends on the type of the folder selected.

The following are the three most often used folder views:

  • Table of files that the folder contains - you can create and share folders with others, and upload and download files. To sort the table, click on the header titles.

  • Email messages. The list of messages is on top and message body is on the bottom. You can sort these messages anyway you like. You can also view and save attachments.

  • Instant Messaging chat log. Use this for real time chatting with one or more of your Contacts.


Contact List

Add users to your contact list by asking them for authorization. To communicate, both parties need to have CryptoHeaven accounts and add each other to their contact lists. Have a look at the pop-up menu by pressing the right mouse button over the contacts window.

New accounts have the Contacts window empty. Now is a good time to add a few Contacts to your list. If you were referred to CryptoHeaven by your friend or an associate, you probably already have his User ID - if not, ask for it.

Use the button to search for and add new contacts to your list. Use the button to invite your friends via email.

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