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Going a little bit deeper into the technical aspect, every folder has its own symmetric encryption key with which all of its content is encrypted. This encryption key is not stored anywhere in its plain form; it is instead encrypted with public portions of asymmetric keys of the individuals who have access to the folder. In this manner only the selected individuals who created the folder, or were granted access to the folder by its creator are able to decrypt folder's content.

All files, messages and contacts, including the names and descriptions, uploaded and stored on the server are encrypted with their own symmetric keys. Their symmetric keys are in turn encrypted with the folder's key. Only the people who possess private keys, which decrypt asymmetrically encrypted folder keys, can gain access to the records.

When a new message is sent to the recipient, the message's symmetric key is encrypted with recipient's public key. Only the designated recipients, using their private keys, can decrypt the message. Message attachments are treated as part of the message and are similarly encrypted.

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Consult CryptoHeaven Security FAQ for more information.

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