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CryptoHeaven for Business and Corporate Clients

Healthcare companies use CryptoHeaven to deliver patient records, lab records and medical transcription data to doctors, hospitals and clinics. CryptoHeaven is HIPAA ready.
  • HIPAA compliant
  • achieve HIPAA readiness with a minimal cost
  • send medical records, unlimited size voice files and transcribed documents
  • only authorized parties have access to the data; access records are kept for each email and each file accessed by any party; records are kept as long as the underlying data itself is available on the system

Protect attorney client privilege with CryptoHeaven secure messaging solutions.
  • highest level of commercial security
  • email and documents are never exposed during transmission on the public Internet
  • content is stored in encrypted format on secure servers
CryptoHeaven is a very attractive service to lawyers and law firms who don't want to set up elaborate encryption or security measures themselves.

  • from $7.98/month for a single account and from $29.98/month for 6 users
  • or
  • secure & encrypted access for all your employees and clients
  • access from any location, no download required
  • administrator tools to easily manage account registrations for multiple users
  • unlimited usage
  • 50 MB of base storage, expandable to 1000 GB
  • secure email
  • secure document and file sharing
  • secure instant messaging
  • secure group chat

Enterprises looking to squeeze efficiencies out of old ways of doing business have a new option in the area of secure online services.

CryptoHeaven is a multi-use secure online service offering the following integrated services:

Selected (most important) Benefits for Business Customers:

  • secure transmission of files of any size or type to a single user or group of users
  • secure online storage for sensitive and confidential documents
  • secure email with unlimited size attachments
  • secure instant messaging with unlimited size attachments
  • automatic end-to-end 256-bit encryption and automatic compression
  • no diskettes, tapes or CD's to worry about; storage is off-site, encrypted and secure
  • automatic recipient notification
  • access from any PC or any mobile device capable of running Java
  • ability to host your email domain

It is absurd to go through the expense and time cost of copying inherently digital material to a physical media and delivering it through a courier or mail. CryptoHeaven knows that, and so do you. CryptoHeaven service saves you both: your money and your precious time.

Signup for a business account. You will be able to choose an amount of space and a number of user accounts to best match your unique requirements. Your account will be flexible and you will be able to change your account at any time.


CryptoHeaven is Powerful, but Easy to Use

By removing the complexity and frustration of key management, CryptoHeaven makes it easy for anyone to communicate and distribute electronic documents securely and confidentially.


CryptoHeaven is Secure

Everyone knows the benefits of e-mail for sending casual messages. CryptoHeaven allows you to extend that convenience to sending sensitive business correspondence knowing it will not be intercepted - ever!

Now you have the power to send any electronic document via CryptoHeaven to anyone, no matter what the content. You no longer have to worry about your messages ending up in your competitor's, news reporter's, government's or anyone else's hands.

CryptoHeaven is Fast and Efficient

CryptoHeaven is fast. Your documents are delivered instantaneously.

Since your files are automatically compressed, less server space is needed, your storage cost is lower and file transfer speeds are faster.

Download CryptoHeaven client software once and never again wait for slow web based interfaces.

CryptoHeaven is Economical and Inexpensive

CryptoHeaven is better, faster and more economical then FedEx, UPS, Western Union, Post Office and other similar services. CryptoHeaven minimizes document delivery costs.

You will start saving money right away. The cost of ONE courier easily covers the cost of your basic CryptoHeaven account. That's what we call a good ROI.

Visit our cost saving calculator to estimate your annual savings.

The migration to electronic document delivery is inevitable because it is more cost effective than the physical delivery alternative.

CryptoHeaven has Great Encryption

Encryption key is created on your computer and protected with your passphrase. Only you know the passphrase and your data can not be decrypted without it. Only encrypted data is stored on CryptoHeaven servers. Your data is encrypted at your computer before being sent to CryptoHeaven Secure Data Center. Upon restore, your files are decrypted on your computer. Any time your data is out of your computer, it is always encrypted.

Download CryptoHeaven client software and create a free trial account.

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