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Dave's Pick

Tuesday, December 18th EDT

How secure is your e-mail and those other half a billion Internet transactions you perform daily? If you don't know, then you wanna checkout CryptoHeaven . This program takes care of all of your security needs from file storage and sharing, to instant messaging, e-mail, and chat.

It's all possible thanks to CryptoHeaven's high level of encryption. All of these secure Internet services are integrated into a single user-friendly interface, to make the whole process easy. CryptoHeaven offers security without invading your privacy to do so. You don't need to fork over tons of information or submit to nasty little snooping programs to use it.

Hey man, no third parties can access the plain text version of your transmitted information and there aren't any third party keyholders either. All of your information is encrypted and stored on the server, meaning only you and the recipient possess keys to access your information. No one's got access to your private key, because it's encrypted with your pass-code and stored on the local computer or the server.

CryptoHeaven does manage your public keys for you, and others can communicate with you through the CryptoHeaven system. Hey man, the source code's free and the product's creators are welcoming users who can test the strength of the cryptographic system with open arms. So check it out and let them know what you think. But like always be sure that the level of encryption is legal in your neck of the woods and that you've got the company's green light before you pass go and try to hack the system! With that said, happy hacking this holiday season!

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