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Interview with CryptoHeaven CEO

Oct 18

Question: What primary problem/issue is your business or technology solving? How are you solving it?

Answer: People use “plain text” messaging systems for transmission of sensitive data and information without realizing they are sending it through insecure channels.

When people think about security, they think about complications, extra costs, effort, difficulty and computer expertise. For example, using PGP is a painful process.

CryptoHeaven provides a communication system so the information can be send securely at all times. This is a system where encryption is done transparently and hence does not require the user to do any extra steps.

With CryptoHeaven, people have universal access to their data, i.e. they don't need to store sensitive information on laptops, but they can use CryptoHeaven’s secure and encrypted online storage. This prevents data theft.


Question: What is the most interesting or exciting topic in your industry right now? How is CryptoHeaven addressing it?

Answer: There is a lot of controversy whether people should have total privacy when communicating electronically. Should “third parties” have access to corporate private data and electronic communication?

CryptoHeaven built a system protected by strong cryptography where access to the stored data is only possible with sender’s and recipient’s consent. Only these two parties have the necessary keys to access the data. Data theft and snooping is not possible.


Question: What is the most important message that you would like to convey to your target market?

Answer: We would like to make people aware that they should not send sensitive documents or information over unsecured channels. In fact, data thefts happen frequently and often without people realizing it.

People should realize that sending data securely doesn't have to be difficult and doesn't require any additional steps.


Question: What is your biggest differentiating factor over your competition?

Answer: The biggest differentiating factor is that CryptoHeaven system doesn't require any trust what-so-ever in the system operators. The technology allows for transparent end-to-end encryption with no possibility of interception by any third party.

CryptoHeaven, as the name suggests, is a cryptographic heaven. All of the data stored on our servers is encrypted with strong cryptography and cannot be accessed without sender’s or recipient’s encryption keys.

CryptoHeaven system is very interactive with a friendly user interface.

Data is secured end-to-end. We provide:

  • encrypted transmission of data
  • encrypted storage of data
  • encryption/decryption is done transparently on client’s side
  • secure data centre
  • redundancy of storage and power grid for high availability
  • regular and continuous data back-ups


Question: What is your target market?

Answer: Smaller and medium size companies that lack in-house expertise to setup secure communication solution. For large corporations we license the CryptoHeaven server for them to host their private encrypted data center. Our solution minimizes companies’ overhead and effort.

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